The Connacht Hospitality Group is a family-owned business that spans three hotels (The Connacht Hotel, HYDE Hotel, and Residence Hotel) three bars (An Púcán, M.Fitzgerald’s Bar, and HYDE Bar), and numerous other operations – including Galway Bay Golf Resort and Galway Hooker Brewery – across the city and wider county. As a company, we are always striving to improve, develop, and grow so that we can serve our customers in reliable, new, and continually exciting ways.

Our Goals and the Five Cs

We always aim for the best results possible, and we are dedicated to putting smiles on faces, whether it’s the people power that gives us our unique identity or the customers who appreciate our brand, values, and services. The cornerstones of our company are what we call ‘The Five Cs’ – waypoints that guide us towards high-quality results across the board.

Community – Our community is very important to us, and we take pride in showcasing the amazing clubs, societies, organisations, and more that make our region so special. The Galway Races, Connacht Rugby, and the Galway International Arts Festival are just some of the groups we care passionately about. From sport to culture and everything in between, we sponsor so many involved in lots of diverse areas, and we like to support everyone we can – because after all, our community is a big part of our identity.

Charity – We have the chance to give back to so many amazing charities every year, and that’s why the Group’s many businesses partner with lots of great causes to help raise vital funds. Galway Hospice, Croí, and Cancer Care West are just a selection of the amazing causes that we have backed – and our customers have always rallied behind them, too. Whether we are encouraging donations for charities in need, taking part in company-wide days where we give back to the community, or amplifying charities’ missions, we are all about using our platform for good.

Customer – We are dedicated to leading in the hospitality space, and our outward focus is on fostering amazing experiences for everyone by being curious and putting the customer to the fore of how we make decisions. It always brings us great pride to see that people respond to what we offer and how we do what we do.

Conservation – We are also driven by or focus on sustainability which is integral to how we operate. Whether we are making small changes like reducing food wastage or thinking big like our collaboration with sustainability charity Hometree, we are always trying to make meaningful and impactful improvements that guide us towards smarter, greener decisions.

Change-makers – Our commitment to innovation, new technologies, and exploring new avenues helps us stand out while delivering great results. We believe that it’s important to always refresh our approaches while maintaining consistency of quality across the board.

The Future is Always in Our Sights

The Connacht Hospitality Group are always driven by the future – it shapes the decisions we make today. We’re constantly looking for new ways to expand and develop what we offer in smart, eco-friendly, useful ways to please our customers.

Plus, we’re keen to showcase Galway as an amazing city on the edge of Europe that is more than worthy of a visit, whether our guests and patrons are travelling from another county – or another country. Our team have always taken immense pride in providing amazing hospitality through their fleet of venues and amazing services. Whether someone is stopping by HYDE Bar for a cocktail, staying in The Connacht Hotel, or enjoying tantalising cuisine in 1520, every effort is made to create a fantastic, authentic experience that everyone will want to re-live time and again. Ultimately, the Connacht Hospitality Group is focused on representing the best of the West in unique and wonderful ways that live long in people’s minds.

Awards Confirm Our Purpose

Over the years, our many businesses have won numerous awards which reminds us that we are doing the right things, following the best path, and introducing offerings that are of value to our customers.

The Connacht Hospitality Group has been the recipient of dozens of awards, both globally and locally, and it’s always a pleasure to receive recognition for who we are and what we do. Fáilte Ireland, the Irish Hotel Awards, and Bar of the Year Awards are just a few of the ceremonies where our achievements have been recognised – and each time the accolades have been earned through collective ambition – that of our staff, leadership team, and ownership.

For a full breakdown of the awards won by the Connacht Hospitality Group, see the list below:

  • Galway Chamber
    Best Marketing Award 2020 – The Connacht Hotel
    Best Marketing Award, 2018 – An Púcán
  • Irish Pubs Global
    Best Marketing Galway, 2018 – HYDE Bar
    Best Marketing Campaign Global, 2018 – HYDE Bar
    Best place in Ireland to Watch Sport, 2018 – An Púcán
  • Irish Hotel Awards
    Best Hotel Bar Connacht, 2019 – 1520
    Best Hotel Bar Ireland, 2019 – 1520
    Best 3-star Hotel in Connacht, 2019 – Forster Court Hotel
    Best Boutique Hotel in Connacht/Ireland, 2022 – HYDE Hotel
    Best Family Hotel in Connacht – The Connacht Hotel, 2022
    Best 3-Star Hotel in Connacht – The Connacht Hotel
    Best Hotel Bar in Connacht – HYDE Hotel
  • Fáilte Ireland
    Failte Ireland Excellence Award, 2019 – The Connacht Hotel, Forster Court, Residence, 1520, HYDE, An Púcan
  • IASI Awards
    Gold Medal Service standards (2017/2018/2019) – The Connacht Hotel
  • Bar of the Year Awards
    People Choice for Ireland 2016/2017/2018 – An Púcán
    Best Outdoor Space, 2018 – An Púcán
    Best Bar in Connacht, 2018 – An Púcán
    Best Use of Social Media – 2015/2016/2017 – An Púcán
  • OMIG (Online Marketing in Galway) Awards
    Best Social Media 2017 – An Púcán
    People Choice, 2016 – An Púcán
  • Best in Galway Awards
    Best Bar in Galway, 2017 – An Púcán
    Best Hotel in Galway, 2018 – The Connacht Hotel
    Best in Galway Overall, 2016 – The Connacht Hotel
  • Gaillimh le Gaeilge Gradam Sheosaimh Uí Ógartaigh Awards – Bi-language Business
    Overall winners of the 2018 Award
    Best Hotel 2016/2017/2018
  • Irish Restaurant Awards
    Connacht Regionals Final Winners – Best Sustainable Practices Award, 2023