“Dining is about people” – Sylvain Gatay, Head Chef at Galway Bay Golf Resort

In the latest edition of the Connacht Hospitality Group ‘Employee Stories’ series, we chatted with Sylvain Gatay, Head Chef, to hear all about his culinary philosophy, his current role, and what attracted him to a career at Galway Bay Golf Resort.

Working with a View

Galway Bay Golf Resort is one of the most picturesque places in all of Galway to enjoy a sit-down meal. Since it was refurbished in early 2023, the place has become very popular with lots of different clients.

Today, Sylvain Gatay is the Head Chef in the Renville spot who is overseeing the culinary offerings, and the impressive scenery played their part in convincing him to jump aboard.

“Over a year ago, I visited the course and I saw that the view was fantastic.” Sylvain says.

“It’s a great spot for customers and with the kitchen upstairs, every time I have to go downstairs, I have to walk by the big bay window, and when you compare it to where the kitchen had no windows in previous jobs, it’s a lot nicer in the kitchen.”

An Experienced Head Chef

Sylvain has been cheffing for over 25 years and has been in Galway for close to two decades. Previously, he has cheffed with high-profile restaurants like Dela, so his knowledge about quality ingredients, amazing food, and unrivalled experiences is nothing short of marvellous.

As the Head Chef puts it himself:

“Dining is about people. It’s about sitting down with people – it’s not just about the food. Especially in life now, with everybody being busy and on the phone, when you’re at the table it’s one of those rare places where people actually talk to each other.

“That’s what eating is about; it’s about the time you spend with the people you’re sharing a meal with, you know?” Sylvain said.

From the West of France to the West of Ireland

It’s true, too – and Sylvain would know this better than most owing to his well-travelled career.

Originally from close to La Rochelle in France, the Head Chef carved out a career there before deciding to settle in Ireland – and Galway. So, he has certainly seen his fair share of diverse culinary cultures. And although Sylvain’s philosophy is that dining is more than just food, he is passionate about using quality ingredients to create tantalising results.

Indeed, that has been one of the key ingredients in his approach since joining the Galway Bay Golf Resort team, and the new all-day menu and breakfast menu are a testament to that philosophy and focus.

Head Chef’s New Menu Worth Savouring

“I’m really excited to bring this new menu to life for Galway Bay Golf Resort. There is something for everyone in it, whether you want an Irish seafood classic or something more exotic.

“I’m proud to say that me and my team are focused on serving fresh and delicious options, and I love to use as much local food as possible in our dishes, so there’s definitely more than a few homages to the West of Ireland. I’m looking forward to seeing people enjoy the new menu – so, bon appetit,” Sylvain added.

If you’re interested in joining Head Chef Sylvain Gatay and the team at Galway Bay Golf Resort, make sure to keep a close eye on the careers page for any suitable openings.

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