Conor Moloney, An Púcán

Conor Moloney, General Manager at An Púcán: “It’s the culture of the place that keeps people here.”

As part of our Employee Stories series, we’re finding out why people enjoy working across the Connacht Hospitality Group. Conor Moloney, General Manager at An Púcán, told us all about what it’s like to work in one of Galway’s liveliest bars in the heart of Galway city.

As General Manager of An Púcán, Conor leads the team to create a fantastic atmosphere for customers, fosters a genuine culture of collaboration and togetherness among staff, and works diligently to continue strengthening An Púcán’s standing as a popular Galway spot.

Work Culture

Conor has been General Manager of An Púcán since August 2022, but he previously held the same position for almost four years between 2017 and 2021. It’s fair to say that Conor is passionate about hospitality, so what is it about An Púcán that he likes so much?

“It’s the culture of the place that keeps people here. I enjoy it because it’s busy, and it’s good craic. Everyone pulls their weight, and it wouldn’t work if they didn’t – everyone feels they are contributing to the success of the place. When you look forward to work, you know you’re in a job that suits you,” Conor said.

An Púcán is a lively spot just off Eyre Square – and by its nature it’s busy. For Conor and the staff, this busyness lends an adrenaline rush, and it makes for a great work environment, especially when everyone pulls in the same direction. When asked about his highlight, Conor is quick with an answer:

“The Friday of Race Week, 2018. We were busy from the moment we opened the doors. By midnight, we knew we were on for a huge day of sales, and we had the all-time record for sales in a day in our sights. The teamwork it took to get there, and the spirit afterwards when we broke the record was unforgettable – everyone played their part. You build all Summer for Race Week and to knock it out of the park that day was a great feeling,” Conor said.

Supportive Environment

As Conor’s own journey attests, there’s great room for progression across the businesses. For him, that’s one of the biggest draws of working for An Púcán.

“Staff can progress from one business to another where they see a job opportunity that suits their situation or might tie in with their college degree. There’s evidence of that in all the businesses. There’s a great focus on career development and keeping staff engaged,” Conor added.

The Connacht Hospitality Group might be a mammoth organisation that encompasses three hotels, three bars, and numerous other brands, but for Conor the family-owned business has remained focused on creating connections between staff and offering support when it’s needed.

“When people hear ‘group’ they tend to think huge and possibly distant, and with 400 employees and 6 great businesses, it is a sizeable operation, but it doesn’t feel like that. If you need support in anyway, it’s there, and people are happy to help,” Conor said.

“There is no blame culture as I’ve seen in previous employment; we identify any obstacles, overcome them, and move forward. We try hold regular team meetings, we run employee surveys, and we have a monthly employee forum, where we give the staff a chance to have a voice, and as managers we explain the rationale of some of our decision-making. And we try and enjoy it while we do it. We know we aren’t saving lives, and it shouldn’t feel like that. If the staff enjoy themselves, the customers naturally will too.”

*Since this article was published, Conor has taken up a new position as Group Operations Manager of Connacht Hospitality Group.

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