Connacht Hospitality Group’s Eveanna Ryan Starts Role as Galway Chamber President

The Galway Chamber has welcomed new President Eveanna Ryan, and she officially took up her duties last week as she aims to build upon the organisation’s excellent work.

Focusing on the Important Issues

As Galway Chamber President, Ms. Ryan’s focus for the next year will see her continue to concentrate on many of the important issues faced in Galway. Plus, she will continue creating a favourable environment for Galway businesses to flourish while enhancing Galway’s unique brand identity.

Ms. Ryan takes over from outgoing Galway Chamber President Dermot Nolan, and she spoke about her hopes for the coming 12 months as she steps into her leadership role.

“It is a tremendous honour and privilege that alongside my roles as Group Marketing and Innovation Manager with the Connacht Hospitality Group, I assume the role of President of the Galway Chamber, and I am committed to serving our dynamic business community and the wonderful city of Galway,” Ms. Ryan said.

Ms. Ryan knows that housing and transport have always been hot topics that need to be addressed, and she is looking forward to continuing to tackle these issues as Galway Chamber President while putting them in front of key decision-makers.

Working Together, the Aim

One of her main goals is to make the Galway business community’s life easier, prosperous, and more enjoyable, and she is committed to doing everything she can to make that a reality.

“I will aim to work closely with the executive team under the exceptional leadership of Galway Chamber CEO Kenny Deery to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to promote the phenomenal work of the Chamber team and the wider council, and indeed the work of our members,” Ms. Ryan said.

“In an ever-evolving business landscape, it’s crucial that we encourage innovation and the ability to adapt to change. We will support initiatives that drive technological advancements and sustainability, ensuring our members remain at the forefront of their industries,” she added.

A Local and Global Focus

Ms. Ryan intends to use her year as Galway Chamber President to consistently back local business through a variety of supports. Plus, she aims to promote not only local growth of businesses, but also build on the international investment that the city has brought in during recent times.

“We will continue to give our members opportunities to network, creating opportunities for meaningful partnerships and collaborations that drive mutual growth while also providing educational resources, workshops, and training programs to equip our members with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in their respective industries.”

“Galway’s potential extends beyond our borders. We will explore opportunities to expand our international presence and connect with global markets, opening doors for our local businesses to reach new horizons. To build on what’s been an exception couple of years in attracting global investment into our beautiful city,” Galway Chamber President Ms. Ryan said.