At The Connacht Hospitality Group we are passionate about sustainability & are committed to making a positive impact on the environment by implementing effective green practices and procedures throughout the group . The Connacht Hotel currently hold the Silver Award with Green Hospitality Ireland and are well on our way to achieving the Gold Award. Another of our properties, HYDE Hotel has recently been awarded their Eco Label Accreditation with Green Hospitality


Carbon Footprint – monitoring to reduce our carbon omissions through waste reduction & the use of green energy
Conservation – to save for later use & to protect the environment
Co-Operation – adopting the policies & embracing change
Commitment – to manage and reduce the consumption of goods, energy & unsustainable products
Community – to work together sharing a common understanding

Seeded Coffee Cards & Sustainable Coffee at The Dock

Our newest green initiative comes in the form of our very own coffee at The Dock.

Alongside our new sustainable coffee range, you’ll find the information card is made of seeded paper, meaning after you’ve finished your coffee you can use the grinds to plant the packaging and see your wild flowers bloom.

Combining your coffee grounds with some standard brown soil can add nitrogen to the soil and help your new plant grow.

The Dock Sign

How to Plant Your Seeded Paper

  • Step 1: Place the card under a thin layer of soil and coffee grounds mix.
  • Step 2: Place in a spot with lots of sunlight.
  • Step 3: Water thoroughly and keep moist.
  • Step 4: Watch it grow and make your mark.

Choose us Choose Green Campaign 

Our latest initiative is that we will offset the impact of any corporate guests overnight stay or meeting room booking. 

We have calculated that an overnight corporate guest generates 2.66KG of CO2, a fully grown tree would offset 21KG per annum.

Based on the customer journey we are estimating that the average meeting delegate would generate approx. 1.1KG of CO2. This is with a light lunch and use of the meeting rooms).

The cost of planting a tree with “Hometree”  is €4.00 so each overnight corporate guest we are going to allocate .50c from the sales and marketing budget to the end of the year, 21c for each conference delegate and each overnight conference delegate we will take .71c. )

We are partnering with environmental charity “Hometree” a registered charity that plants native Irish trees and who’s aim it is to conserve permanent native woodland in Ireland, encouraging land regeneration and biodiversity through afforestation, restoration, and education who will plant trees to offset this impact.

E-Chargers at the Connacht

As part on our ongoing commitment to the environment, guests who have an electric car can charge their vehicle here at the Connacht Hotel. We have two Electric Vehicle Chargers located in our carpark.

Guest wishing to avail can download the app ‘EasyGo’ to use & pay for the charger. Charged at 24c per Kilo Watt Hour. Estimate of cost: 4 hours to charge a Nissan Leaf to 80% would cost approx. €10

National Tree Day – 7th October 2021

Happy National Tree Day. At The Connacht Hospitality Group we are passionate about sustainability & are committed to making a positive impact on the environment.

So far this year we have committed to planting over 450 trees with our charity partner Hometree.