Hometree Birthday Tree-Planting

We’re Planting trees with Hometree for Each Employee’s Birthday

Once again, The Connacht Hospitality Group are teaming up with Hometree to plant a tree for each Group staff member’s birthday.

Renewing Traditions

For the past few years, we have continued this tradition – and it always goes down a hit with everyone – so, we’re delighted to continue it throughout 2023.

Having a tree planted is a fantastic way to mark each employee’s birthday, and it’s also a great way to give something back to the environment.

After all, the Connacht Hospitality Group could have staff numbering some 450+ people at peak times of the season which would mean a significant number of trees being planted in association with Hometree.


Hometree are a leading sustainability charity dedicated to increasing the number of trees that exist in Ireland. To date, they have already helped plant over 150,000 trees. Just one tree can draw down almost 4.5kg of Co2 each year; thinking about that in context means that they have played a huge role in removing an enormous amount of Co2 from the environment.

Our partnership with the sustainability leaders has been ongoing for a number of years now. Quite a few of the Group’s businesses have already engaged in initiatives with Hometree this year alone.

Our Partnerships with Hometree

Earlier in 2023, The Connacht Hotel presented a cheque for almost €6,000 to contribute to Hometree’s Wild Atlantic Rainforest project which will allow Hometree to restore and protect an acre of new rainforest.

Galway Hooker also partnered with Hometree for their Organic Pilsner beer. For every beer sold, Galway Hooker has pledged to make a donation to them, while for every keg of Organic Pilsner purchased at industry level, the brewery will work with Hometree to plant a tree as well.

The Connacht Hospitality Group

The Connacht Hospitality Group is the group behind popular hotels like The Connacht Hotel, Residence Hotel, and HYDE Hotel, while they also own An Púcán, 1520, and HYDE Bar. The family-owned Group is run by the Fitzgerald family and company Director John Carmody, together with their great leadership team.