Support Our Sunrise Swim in Aid of Claddagh Watch Patrol

Sunrise Swim Poster

Support our Connacht Hospitality Group staff as they take to the sea for a Sunrise Swim to raise money for Claddagh Watch Patrol this Summer.

On 30th June 2022, our staff will be bracing themselves for an early morning dip, we’re calling our ‘Sunrise Swim’ in order to raise money and awareness for local charity, Claddagh Watch Patrol.

Claddagh Watch Patrol is a Voluntary organisation established to prevent accidental death and suicide and to increase Water Safety & Awareness on the Galway Waterways. Trained volunteers operate Safety Prevention Patrols on various nights each week.

You can support us by donating directly to our charity fundraising page on idonate (see our link below). All proceeds from this event will go directly to Claddagh Watch Patrol to help continue their work on the Galway waterways.

Donate directly to the cause: DONATE HERE