Galway Hooker Brewery Continue Making Waves with Limited-Edition Black Tide Porter

Galway Hooker Craft Brewing Company are excited to release a brand new, limited-edition porter; Black Tide. This speciality porter is a creation by a new in-house brewer who continues the trend of innovation and experimentation made popular by the West-of-Ireland brewery.

The Taste

Black Tide was inspired by the old idea of a pint of plain but with a modern and fruity twist. To update this traditional classic, Galway Hooker have added a dash of blackcurrant to the recipe to create a refreshing take on a much-loved classic.

The result is authentically Irish, because it’s a porter that is brewed and canned onsite in Galway Hooker’s Oranmore brewery. What’s more, it is made using Irish blackcurrants grown and harvested in Wexford. Everyone is sure to be impressed by the porter’s smooth, rich, and unique composition, complemented by notes of vanilla, chocolate – and a blackcurrant finish.

About Galway Hooker

Galway Hooker Brewery was co-founded by two cousins – Aidan Murphy and Ronan Brennan – in 2006, and the operation has since gone on to win multiple awards, brew a core range of beers, and create several seasonal offerings.

Aidan continues to steer the ship with his operational and craft brewing expertise, but the new Black Tide porter was the brainchild of an up-and-coming and inventive brewer who has teamed up with the Oranmore-based brewery.

About Black Tide

Jack McKevitt-Canavan is the man behind Black Tide’s creation, and he worked with fellow brewer Nicky Wilmott on the new brew. They are both part of a new generation of brewers who are adding a generous dollop of new ideas, fresh vibrancy, and an alternative spin on outside-the-box experimentation that Galway Hooker are already well-renowned for.

“Black Tide is the latest one-off creation from Galway Hooker, and I’m thrilled to have been able to lead the genesis of this idea while bringing it to fruition,” Jack said.

“This new porter is all about mixing the old and the new, while also blending the dark and the sweet in one smooth offering.

“We’re really proud of Black Tide because it’s daring and different, like our approach has always been, and also because it reminds us of the Hooker boats that are such a big part of our identity,” Jack added.

A Fresh Offering

This fresh offering from Connacht’s oldest existing brewery – and the third-oldest independent brewery in Ireland – is another reminder of their push to constantly innovate and create new offerings for their loyal following of craft beer lovers, and new customers, too.

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