Michael Coyne

Michael Coyne, Accommodation Manager at The Connacht Hotel: “It’s a great job”

As part of our Employee Stories series, we’re finding out why people enjoy working across the Connacht Hospitality Group. This time, it’s the turn of Michael Coyne, Accommodation Manager at The Connacht Hotel.

Jumping at Opportunity

Michael has been involved in the hospitality sector since he was 16 years of age. Working in bars early in his career around county Meath, Michael learned a lot before making the move to Canada. After a while across the Atlantic Ocean doing bar work, Ireland ultimately called him back.

“I decided that I wanted to move closer to the ocean, because I didn’t enjoy the idea of being stuck in farmland and not being a farmer!” he jokes.

“When the Accommodation Manager role came up at The Connacht Hotel, I thought – this is something I haven’t learned before, so it would be nice to jump in and see how it all works,” Michael explains. Prior to his current position, Michael worked in the bar and restaurant and had previously also held the title of Duty Manager.

Enjoying the Journey

Michael’s journey with The Connacht Hotel has seen him progress through several varied and interesting roles. With each one, he has picked up a raft of new skills, and knowledge.

It’s a testament to Michael that he has been able to adapt to each one seamlessly, but he says that the people around him are what helps him to adjust.

“The hotel, the business, and the Group – they allow it to happen and make it easier. They are always trying to push people up from within. If you work hard, they want to see you succeed and continue to grow, and that’s what makes it easy here. It’s nice to know the same people and have the same team while you’re learning something new,” he says.


Accommodation is a non-stop part of The Connacht Hotel. The staff in Michael’s team strive for excellent standards in everything, and their work does justice to the hotel’s amazing, comfy rooms.

So, what does a typical day in the life look like for Michael as Accommodation Manager?

“Every day, you have a different group with different requests, and you could face different issues – but it’s just about how you deal with them and how you can continue to make sure that the customers’ experiences are up-to-scratch and the best we can provide.

“You have to put your best face forward all the time, and sometimes things can go wrong, but it’s how you can deal with changing that situation – changing the negative into a positive.”

Always Learning

Michael explains that he has learned so much from so many people throughout his time at The Connacht Hotel. But what advice would he give to someone looking to start a career in the hospitality industry – or at The Connacht Hotel in particular?

“If you can get on with people, and you can enjoy the idea of making people happy then it’s a great job…and if you’re open to making friends, whether they be your customers or your staff members – that’s the one thing, you need to be able and willing to make new friends. I think that’s the best bit of advice I can give.”

Interested in joining Michael at The Connacht Hotel? Check out the Connacht Hospitality Group’s Careers webpage here to see if there are any openings right now.