The Connacht Hotel Sustainability

The Connacht Hotel Launches Video Highlighting Sustainability Mission

The Connacht Hotel have launched a video that highlights our sustainability mission, achievements, and future goals.

Green Goals

The staff at The Connacht Hotel are dedicated to implementing changes that have a positive impact on the environment, creating greener choices for guests and visitors, and reducing the carbon footprint across the board.

The hotel’s devoted Green Team are the driving force behind this push towards healthier, greener, more eco-friendly choices – and they are always dreaming up new and measurable ways to help The Connacht Hotel become a carbon-neutral hotel.

As you’ll see in the sustainability video, The Connacht Hotel takes pride in offering chargers for electric vehicles, repurposing used coffee grounds as fertilizer for their gorgeous plant beds, and offering water-saving shower heads in guest rooms.

Overall Objectives

Whether thinking about the big picture or the minute details, The Connacht Hotel are constantly looking to create significant results that are an environmental win. That means looking at the short and long-term sustainability wins.

Immediate implementations are very important. Like reducing energy consumption by 10 per cent compared to 2022, minimising the number of disposable cups, offering reusable water bottles in our meeting rooms, and cutting down on the amount of paper used. These changes show how seriously The Connacht Hotel are taking our green-friendly approaches.

But the long-term goals solidify this focus even further.

Long-Term Eco Planning

Key to The Connacht Hotel’s long-term objectives is the willingness to collect data, which the hotel is committed to. This will enable greater insight, analyses, and an ability to make smarter, greener decisions.

And speaking of long-term visions; earlier in 2023, The Connacht Hotel presented a cheque for almost €6,000 to contribute to Hometree’s Wild Atlantic Rainforest project which will allow Hometree to restore and protect an acre of new rainforest. The trees grown through this initiative highlight the long-term vision of The Connacht Hotel; just one tree can draw down almost 4.5kg of Co2 each year, so the effects of that every year will be felt for a long time to come.

What’s more, The Connacht Hotel – along with the rest of the Group – are partnering with Hometree again to plant trees for each employee’s birthday. Once more, this is part of a long-term strategy that gives something back to the planet.

The Connacht Hospitality Group

The Connacht Hospitality Group is the group behind popular hotels like The Connacht Hotel, Residence Hotel, and HYDE Hotel, while they also own An Púcán, 1520, and HYDE Bar. The family-owned Group is run by the Fitzgerald family and company Director John Carmody, together with their great leadership team.