Galway Pride

We’re Proud to Back Galway Pride Week at The Connacht Hotel

As we all know, June is Pride Month, a month that makes time for anyone to celebrate everything LGBTQ+. It’s an important month for everyone who identifies with this community, and it has quickly become a landmark event on the calendar for so many people.

A Big Celebration in a Small City

In Galway, lots of people celebrate Pride Month in June, of course, but August in the City of Tribes means that it’s time for Galway Pride Week (aka Galway Pride Festival). This is an amazing festival because it really channels the inner pride of so many people in a way that beautifully marries the big colour of such a well-known festivity with the nuanced magic of a small city like Galway.

This unique time in August is a busy one for the LGBTQ+ community because there are lots of events planned for Galway Pride Week, many celebrations lined up, and plenty of community-focused happenings taking centre stage.

All throughout Galway Pride Week, from Monday August 7 to Sunday August 13, there will be exhibitions, workshops, costume parties, panels, film screenings, and of course a fabulous parade happening across the city. So, if you’re keen to get involved, there are no end of intriguing ways to do so.

Proud to Back This Event

At The Connacht Hotel, we are proud to be playing our part in Galway Pride Week, too.

We’re getting behind this celebration of all things LGBTQ+, and we’re delighted to play a small part in helping to showcase what Galway Pride Week is all about, including the magic, culture, information, and fun that comes with it.

After all, at The Connacht Hotel, we are a community-focused group that is led by people who believe in the power of community and who are passionate about all things Galway. The LGBTQ+ community is an important strand in the fabric of our city, and we’re delighted to be woven together with such a fiercely proud group.

Our Colours Are Up – And We’re Always Welcoming

When you walk through our revolving doors at The Connacht Hotel over the next few days, you’ll notice that we have the Pride colours pinned firmly to our welcome sign – plus, we’ve installed a colourful rainbow crossing outside in the front car park. It’s our way of showing that we are delighted to support – not only this amazing festival – but more importantly the people who make up the LGBTQ+ community.

After all, The Connacht Hotel, like the rest of the Connacht Hospitality Group businesses, are proud to always have an open and welcoming approach to each and every customer who comes through their doors because we are all in the same boat together – and our Pride colours this month are just our way of showing that.

To view the rest of the week’s line-up for Galway Pride Week, visit this link here.

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